Monday, January 26, 2009

girl's game night

i held my first 'girl's game night' last night and had tons of fun! i went back and forth on how many people to invite and in the end stuck with a smaller group which included my friends genevieve, cindy & siobhan. it turns out four is a good sized group and i'll be doing it again for a few other friends soon.

we had a great time snacking and chatting & fit in some trivial pursuit too. i found out genevieve majored in photography which is very cool as it's one of my favorite hobbies. she recently started a project which involves taking a photo each day at 7:15 PM, something she heard about on NPR.

unfortunately siobhan had to leave us early, here is genevieve's shot of cindy and i (and my pup penelope) at 7:15-

for more fantastic images, genevieve's photo blog can be found here:

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