Tuesday, August 18, 2009

lunch love

lately i've been hitting the grocery outlet before my regular grocery stops because you never know when you'll find a tub of fancy crumbled goat cheese for $1.79 or good lemons for $.39 a piece. i can usually get pomegranate juice, amy's frozen pizza's, kashi cereal, trail mixes and canned black olives in addition to other random surprises on the serious cheap.

this last weekend i stopped in and picked up some morning star farms roasted chicken(less) patties on a total whim. usually those meatless patties are too small to fill me up in traditional sandwich form but i bought them anyway, vowing to make something great with them this week.

as i continued my shopping, i picked up some pita pocket bread & tzatziki sauce. remembering i already had carrots, spinach & tomatoes at home, a plan was hatched. here are the results...



yum right?? all i did was heat a chicken(less) patty & cut it up into smaller pieces, alternately stuffing the pita with spinach, shredded carrots, chopped tomatoes, chicken(less) patty pieces, tzatziki- oh and remember that fancy crumbled goat cheese??

the results were tasty and filling. now what more could you want from lunch??

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