Thursday, October 22, 2009

week long vegan: day one

inspired by diana of and the recipes of naomi rose of, i have decided to take the week long vegan diet challenge. i suppose you could say diana was the first to do it and her results were awe inspiring... no cheeseburger cravings? 8+ pound weight loss? more energy?? sign me up!

for the last, oh i dunno, 10 years of my life i've suffered from acne, chronic sinus issues, hypoglycemia and very low energy. i've always wondered if / suspected that maybe my diet was at least partially to blame. last year i began seeing a naturopathic doctor who had me try a dairy-free diet for three weeks. towards the end of the three weeks i thought that yes, perhaps my sinus congestion / pain had decreased a bit but i convinced myself it wasn't for lack of dairy and resumed my 1-4 dairy servings a day habit.

since then i've read many articles and books on the subject of modern diets & food production, including michael pollan's 'in defense of food', and have surmised that while i don't eat terribly, i really could make some improvements that just might affect my health for the better. after i read diana's account of her week as a vegan, i knew i had to give it a try.

with naomi rose's wonderful help, i set out yesterday with a meal plan and shopping list. everything she planned for me sounded great but the fast food addict in the back of my brain was skeptical. this morning i prepared my porridge thinking i'd have to keep adding more and more honey in order to just choke it down- my usual experience with oatmeals anyway- and was shocked when nope, one spoonful of honey was all it took for me to get on twitter and rave about my porridge. yes, porridge.

so here i am, just barely into day one and am already stuffed to the gills on porridge and looking forward to today's lunch of veggie burger & spinach salad and tonight's dinner of beany stew over baked potatoes!

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