Wednesday, December 2, 2009

abt arcade holiday gift guide part 2

i've only been married for three years but my husband and i dated for six years before tying the knot so i know how difficult it can be to shop for a male loved one. sometimes i think my husband is the pickiest guy alive, so stringent are his rules for just about everything he owns. i think my tales of his taking a year to research and buy a pair of shoes are now infamous within our family. so when special occasions roll around, i've got my work cut out for me. if you've got a similar man in your life, i hope my gift guide can offer some help. so here we go!

while snowboarding recently, my husband forgot to zip up his jacket pocket and whooops! found that he was down a wallet at the end of the day. taking said pickiness into account, i was shocked when he picked out a new wallet after just one visit to one store. well, not one day carrying the new wallet went by before he was complaining about it. if only he had waited, i would have gotten him this lovely from the moma store...

my husband wouldn't be caught dead in a sweater like this but that doesn't mean you don't know anyone with a more adventurous sense of humor and style...

if there's one thing i know to be a universal male interest, it's gadgets. stuff this "ultimate geek pen" in your guy's stocking and soon you'll see him annoying the pets with the laser pointer and shining the light in everyone's eyes like a happy 12 year old.

to kill the practical and stylish with one stone, i suggest a backpack from mishkanyc which range from trendy neons to classic lumberjack plaids...

we all know someone who loves their toys just as much as when they were kids. surprise them with some vinyl kaiju action...

a lot of the men in my life are nuts about authors dan simmons and george r. r. martin and their respective fantasy / sci-fi series. start your dad, brother, roommate or boyfriend on one or both and then tease them about reading "cat-fairy" books! at least, i tease my husband thusly- even though he swears up and down there are no fairies present, cat or otherwise.

looking to really splurge on someone special?? i love these watches at nixon and think they'd do the trick!

it's my opinion that there is no better video game than super mario brothers. period. now it's true that i don't actually like video games- outside of the mario universe of course- but my opinion has been back-up by numerous hardcore gamers over the years. my husband and i got the new version just released for wii and i have to say, it may just be better than the original!

i find that when in doubt, a nice bottle of alcohol makes a wonderful gift for those 21 and over. i recently surprised my husband with a bottle of dan aykroyd's crystal head vodka. he enjoyed a few weeks of vodka greyhounds and now we have a groovy bottle leftover.

your guy not a vodka drinker? try these instead...

basil hayden bourbon, available at your local liquor store

milagro silver tequila, available at your local liquor store

hendrick's scottish gin, available at your local liquor store

arrogant bastard ale, available at most grocery stores in oregon & washington or scour your local grocery / liquor store for a fancy 22 ounce bottle of beer

back to stocking stuffers, who doesn't love mustaches these days?? regardless if the man in your life already has one or not, stick this multi-pack in his stocking for laughs.

in my experience, men don't mind taking care of their skin, they just need a few hard nudges and some advice on the subject. i like how kiehl's recently teamed up with the artist, KAWS, to adorn their creme de corps body lotion with cool art. with 100% of the proceeds going to benefit RxART, it's an all around feel good gift.

when in doubt, i've found that most men are very open to receiving gift cards. try these retailers and let your dude's pick out their own gifts this year.

other places to get gift cards:

that's it- happy shopping!

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