Wednesday, March 24, 2010


i have been contemplating a post about these so-called "bandals" for a few weeks now and after my friend genevieve requested my opinion on them yesterday, i found i can no longer ignore this footwear crisis.

so just what is a bandal, you ask? it's a hybrid Boot and Sandal. silly, right?? i mean, how many times do you think to yourself, 'you know, my ankles are always so cold and yet, my toes are always so hot!' how about, oh, never!

bandals run the gamut from mild ridiculousness...

deena & ozzy, what were you thinking??

to extreme WTF-ery...

dolcetta, you should be ashamed of yourselves!

and if the fashion magazines are to be believed, this style here is the epitome of "it-girl" shoe style this spring...

madison harding , these are truly atrocious!

say it ain't so! not only do i hate the idea of ruining spring & summer looks with clunky footwear but do the fans of these shoes not see that wearing boots with peep toes and peep heels is beyond goofy?? it's like wearing sunglasses without the lenses or underwear without a crotch- oh wait, they make those even, don't they?! i think sometimes we fashion fans need to remind ourselves, just because they make it doesn't mean we need to wear it! remember ponchos?! egads! i sounded the alarms on that mess too.

my fashion motto has always been "form over function", meaning if it looks good then who cares if it's slightly uncomfortable?? well, bandals don't look good and i can't imagine grosser summer footwear because even with all that superfluous venting, i can only imagine what sort of swamp foot one will incur by the end of the day... and imagine all the stupid tans lines that will ensue!

no ladies, bandals are not cute and i can only recommend you just say no to them!!

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