Friday, September 17, 2010

what to wear?

some truly wonderful friends are throwing me a fancy dress bachelorette party in a few weeks and i am searching high and low for the perfect outfit- on a teeny weeny budget.

but wait a sec! hold the phone! aren't i already married?! yes, i am, happily so for nearly four years. so what's this business?? my wonderful friends, upon learning i never had a bachelorette party decided it was high time for one, belated or not. didn't i tell you these friends were wonderful?? well, it's completely true!

back to outfits... i found my dream outfit- but quelle horreur!- it's much, much too expensive for my saltines budget. why, the shoes alone are $180, more than twice the price of the dress! but see here-

divine, right?? i am utterly obsessed with melissa shoes right now. sigh! it's, sadly, back to the drawing board for me.


l-article said...

Thanks for the link!!
I've never been to a bachelorette party~ It must be fun! :D And I looove those shoes~ melissa's are just soo expensive..I wanted so many of their shoes in the past..and even now xD All I own from them are some rad sneakers!

Suela said...

I love those shoes. Very cool.