Saturday, April 18, 2009

i heart: decorating

about a year and a half ago my husband, nat, and i bought our first home. it's a 1904 victorian that's been through some true re-muddling. my love of old houses means i'm a restorationist at heart and my goal is to bring the home closer to it's early glory. that said, i love color and can't live with white walls- nor can i live with a classic victorian color palette of pinks and mauves! 

when we moved in, the house was swathed in some pretty questionable colors- orangey-beige terra cotta in the entry and dining room, dark red in the living room and bright blue in the kitchen. keep in mind all these areas flow together! i decided to go with a bright peacocky teal in the living room, which is north facing, hence there's not a lot of natural light. instead i ended up with a dark forest green. 

nat and i lived with it for a year, hating it all the while. now that spring is here we're newly motivated to work on our space. a few weeks ago nat broke out his paints and started mixing colors to come up with the perfect light bright aqua to re-paint the living room in.

on the left you can see the original dark green, the right side is our new color- 
above you can also see the dining room is a light spring green, no more terra cotta! now we just have to paint the kitchen. 

so much better!


Insanity at its finest.... said...

i also like the nice 'bending over ass shot' of nat in the first pic.... lovely, thankfully he isnt giving us a 'plumber' type shot..... crack kills

abt arcade said...

you like that? i told him to get out of my shot but he scoffed at me- scoffed! so here he is, ass first on the interwebs.

Insanity at its finest.... said...

a scoffer eh? i scoff with the best of em! thank god my scoffing has not caused me to wind up ass first on the interwebs, way to go nat! a first for scoffers everywhere......