Monday, August 31, 2009

time to clean!

perhaps it's a tad odd of me but each year i feel the need to clean my house top to bottom, a la spring cleaning, but seasonally. so as the weather turns cooler and cloudier seemingly each day, i feel fall approaching and am pushing up my sleeves to get to work.

i bet most people think of house cleaning as a necessity and chore, but not me! as someone very sensitive to her environment, i look at it as a chance to clear out the psychic cobwebs and bring some newfound sparkle & shine to each room.

currently on my clean house wish list-

a practical substitute for the scent of my homegrown basil, now gone to seed.

how awesomely luxurious would it be to use these solely for washing bed linens & pajamas??

i don't think i'd ever put off dusting again if i had rags this pretty!

i have fairly soft water but eventually, lime builds up on my kettle and glassware- what better way to get it gone than the eco-friendly magnoball??

i dunno about you but i sweep A LOT and my old ladybug print broom is showing her age. i think it's time for her to take on porch duty while this lovely with a much more sophisticated print takes over.

this is one luxury item i've never owned: a hand vac! oh to really vacuum windowsills and the tiniest of nooks & crannies! well, a girl can dream...

a while back i splurged on some claus porto hand soap, which i save for company. i like to imagine a life where i use the stuff daily, changing scents out with each whim... though i think the cerina scent would a fave: apple, bergamot, sandalwood & vetiver.

this is a candle i actually keep stocked up on year round as it lends a warm green scent to any room, though i tend to use them in the bathroom exclusively.

the colder the morning, the better for a rich, sweet scent like this one.

happy cleaning!


Leah said...

This last weekend I felt the same way! The house was driving me crazy and I think it is because I know that soon we will be in it all the time, no more weekends away or time in the yard/garden.

abt arcade said...


that's exactly how i feel! if i'm going to be cooped up i want things bright, tidy, organized & smelling awesome. :)