Tuesday, September 1, 2009

fall forward

reading about jena's end-of-summer slump over on her great indie shopping blog, modish, i can really relate. an uber-impatient person such as myself can get really bogged down when the end-game of a goal is longer coming than thought. not only that, but hello- waking up to dark mornings already?! seriously lame. that said, i love her idea to get on with things and set new goals for september. here are mine:

2. write up a dang business plan already
3. get supplies & experiment with resin casting
4. increase my readership

they may seem simple(ish) but a great man once said that's the only way to start.


owlandbunnyblog said...

Hi, great blog & jewelry, like your style :)
good luck for sept!!


Kedzie said...

Well, you're increasing your readership by one already! Love your list of goals. This is my first month tracking on Modish Biz Tips & I'm already feeling more focused. Good luck!


Liz said...

Hi Allison
Nice work, and great goals list! Hope September goes really really well for you!

RiverDog Prints said...

Cleaning is always such a great goal, once you're done! Hope it re-energizes you this fall. Good luck this month, Allison.

Cheri said...

How I have a love / hate relationship with cleaning and decluttering! Good luck!

x Cheri