Wednesday, September 2, 2009

fall finds & reading suggestions

for the last few weeks i've been utilizing some other interweb sites to share sale finds & outfit stylings when it hit me yesterday- i should really be sharing that stuff here on my, ahem, fashion & lifestyle blog. novel idea, right?? so here we go!

yesterday i was snooping around trying to find cute stuff CHEAP, which i did, and then i began piecing together outfits, basing the looks on books... that's right, books. most of them i've read and love, some are on the to-read list.

we'll start off with 'amy's eyes' by richard kennedy, now out of print but available on amazon for as low as $6.25 for a used paperback. 'amy's eyes' was actually written for children but it's one of those reads that i think is just right for any age. it starts off with amy, a young girl in an orphanage, who accidentally brings her sailor doll to life- leading to all sorts of crazy adventures involving the high seas and stuffed animals. at any rate, everything in this outfit is under $100 and just right for the cooler days that lay not so far ahead.

and because fashion is nine tenths fantasy (sure, one might argue that's a mighty subjective statistic but really, am i so wrong??) here are some outfits i put together with not-so-cheap items (including an alternate version of 'amy's eyes'), all based on the books pictured within.

note: click the picture for item details

coming soon- more cheap & chic finds!

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Anonymous said...

this is super cool!! what a neat idea - deb