Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i heart: muse

when i'm making jewelry i always ask myself, who would wear this?? which is where my muses come in. typically they're celebrities who have inspired me over the years by way of their style and/or chutzpah. this week i want to focus on one of those muses, actress & singer/songwriter zooey deschanel

i know, i know- who doesn't love zooey, right?? i've tried to dislike her, she's so cute & twee, but i just can't bring myself to toss her aside. she's so cute & twee! and talented- have you heard she & him, her musical collaboration with portland musician m. ward?? just gorgeous. 

and in real life, zooey's style embodies so perfectly the aesthetic i model my jewelry after: vintage/modern. 

and here are zooey's namesake necklace & earrings, now available in the shop-

as far as i'm concerned, her best performance is in the david gordon green film, all the real girls. check it out, check out she & him and i guarantee you'll love zooey just as much as i do. and now you know where to get the perfect accessories to embody her style. 


xylophone said...

zooey is perfect.

geneviève said...

LOOOOOOVE love love All the Real Girls!! (we own it on DVD.)