Wednesday, October 14, 2009

fashion love/hate

ever since H&M hit US shores for the first time in new york city, i've had a love/hate relationship with the discount fashion chain. living in oregon, i wasn't able to experience H&M until i went on vacation to NYC. it was great: two stories of on-trend, affordable clothing. yay, right? well, it wasn't until i went to paris a few years later that i got to shop at H&M for a second time.

last year, a branch opened in seattle which i checked out while visiting family for the holidays. again, i found lots of cute pieces for very little cash. the complaint is, seattle is three hours from where i live in portland and i only got to shop at H&M for a third time while i was in europe this summer. not convenient at all!

and all the while, i've been checking out H&M's website, hoping for the ability to shop online- an ability europeans are given even though H&M is to europe and fashion as starbucks is to the US and coffee. not fair, H&M!

so imagine my delight- and dismay- at seeing this lovely H&M ballet inspired tutu dress in the closet of a fellow poupee girl today. ballet inspired clothing has been big for me this year, having seen me raid the local dance shop for shrugs & leggings. and let's not forget my years-long penchant for ballet flats. though completely fantastical for my lifestyle, i would love the opportunity to own this frothy little number.

well, i guess like in times past when H&M collaborated with big name fashion designers, i'll just have to turn the other way and forget about it.

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