Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i heart jason segel

i don't admit to it often, but one of my favorite films is jason segel's 'forgetting sarah marshall'. sure, i regularly list my favorite films as 'dear wendy', 'being there' and 'the shining'- all of which truly are favorites!- it's just that i tend to omit things like 'forgetting...' as well as films like 'teen witch' and the newest addition to my favorites list, 'caddyshack'. (as an aside, i just watched 'caddyshack' last week for the first time ever and am shocked that i managed to live up until now without seeing it. why didn't anyone tell me how good it is?!)

anyhow, not having tv, and not one to stay up late, i never catch the late late show with craig ferguson but the interwebs was all a-twitter yesterday over his 1000th episode and the fact that jason segel would be performing 'dracula's lament' (from the film 'forgetting sarah marshall' no less). fortunately, i didn't have to look too hard to find a clip of said performance and watching it just drove home the fact that i love jason segel. don't tell my husband but i'd let his dracula puppet sing to me any day. (whoa! is it just me or does that sounds kinda dirty?!)

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