Friday, January 15, 2010

elusive no more!

well it only took three years of not so patient searching but yesterday the universe decided to grant me my wish for the perfect boot. perhaps you remember my criteria? while out and about i stopped into ped-x shoe shagri-la on NE alberta street on a total whim, noticing as i entered, a sign proclaiming all boots to be 20% off. awesome!

and then, there they were, the perfect boots...

i nervously picked them up and flipped them over for the price tag. and seriously, was i dreaming?! they were under $200! what's more, after the 20% discount i got my lovelies for $148 which is totally under my $150 limit. i haven't actually worn them yet (besides trying them on, of course), i'm still enthralled by their perfection and am more want to just stare at them and stroke them at this point...

...annnnd research their maker, gee wawa shoes. at first i thought, what an odd name. then i said it aloud and realized it's a play on the word chihuahua, which is apt as it seems to be an offshoot brand from one of the rocket dog founders. and while rocket dog designs are usually a bit chunky-clunky for my tastes, gee wawa footwear is much more artisanal in design and craftsmanship. i definitely recommend checking them out!

and if you're in portland, be sure to check out ped-x, it sounds like their boot sale will be going on for at least another week!

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