Thursday, January 7, 2010

fugging it up??

i'm a huge go fug yourself fan and i nearly always agree with heather and jessica's assessments of outfits gone terribly, terribly awry. today however, i completely disagree with their opinion of musician hayley williams' people's choice award outfit.

being completely unfamiliar with hayley, a quick google search has taught me that she's the 22 year old front lady of band paramore (& favorite). i think the above look is cute, quirky & totally appropriate for her age and station. sure the shape isn't common, but it's fits her well and is a great example of modern & vintage styles coming together. it probably doesn't help that i'm a sucker for bows but guess what else? no nip slips, no crotch dangerously close to all-out exposure and her hair is clean! top that off with a classic red lip, sculpted brows and subtle jewelry and you've got a winning look!

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