Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ending the holiday hiatus

it seems i've survived the holidays, i hope you have as well! i squeezed in a bit of jewelry making last month and have some new items that i'm going debut via etsy very soon... you may have noticed that my last batch of product photos were, well, awful. it's because my husband accidentally broke the bulb in one of my photo set-up lamps and i've had a bear of a time locating a replacement. i think i've cornered one though.

in the meantime, here's what i'm super excited about- the new UK based cosmetics range, illamasqua. i've never been a MAC girl, their products have always felt very poor in the quality department when i've tried them and i'm hoping illamasqua is able to meet my desire for fun, pigment rich cosmetics that wear well. i'm currently expecting a bottle of their nail varnish in 'MILF', "a vintage mint green".

the illamasqua range is currently available here and at sephora.

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