Monday, May 3, 2010

one to watch: grey anne

today i want to share with you, dear readers, the portland treasure that is grey anne. it was my husband's co-worker (also named anne) who threw an easter party and brought in grey anne for dinosaur tarot readings. yup, you read that right- dinosaur tarot! or really, properly known as dino tarot.

yours truly choosing dinosaurs for my reading with grey anne

i have been an amateur tarot reader since i was 13, when a friend of my mom's gifted me a beginner's tarot deck. a few years later my grandmother got into tarot as well and has read for me on occasion. admittedly, my own delvings have been seldom and amateur but i was super impressed with my dino tarot reading! asking about my career prospects, grey anne had some surprisingly insightful meanings assigned to each dinosaur and in the end i felt she addressed all my concerns, leaving me feeling like i had clear directions for the next step in my professional life.

in talking with grey anne about how she found dino tarot, i learned that she invented it herself! now here's a seriously awesome and creative gal, i thought. i didn't even know the half of it! since researching grey anne further, i found that she writes and records achingly lovely psychedelic folk music, performing regularly around town. grey anne also helped kick-start pdx pop now!, a group dedicated to stimulating and expanding participation in portland music AND she worked as a production assistant to the art team on one of my favorite movies, coraline, which was filmed here in portland.

grey anne is definitely on my one to watch list and i am looking forward to catching one of her concerts soon. i highly suggest downloading her album 'facts n figurines' and checking out her blog, which i'm finding very inspiring right now. one recent entry introduced me to the gorgeous and surrealist art and fashion of chromium dumb belle, but really i just find it plain old inspiring to see such a creative and talented woman putting all that goodness to work.

grey anne - photo via grey anne on facebook


greyannemusic said...

Aw, Allison,

Thanks so much for this superlative shout-out!!

I've just started these last few months to document my adventures better, after admonishing hundreds of people who pick the upside-down pterodactyl to do the same for themselves ;)

Glad we're able to communicate and learn about each other's creative projects in this Giant Collective Internet Brain.

Mignonette said...

Very interesting indeed!

{I love that photo!}


annaleonidovna said...

Very interesting post.
Nice photo!