Monday, November 23, 2009

my all-time favorite jam sessions!

i am still hard at work on new items for the shop and am aiming at updating wednesday AM. in the meantime, i decided to compile some of my recent all-time favorite jam sessions for you... and in case you were wondering, "all-time favorite jam session" is my expression for something that is awesome, ie. "that show 'parks & recreation' is my new all-time favorite jam session". so here we go!

via go fug yourself, some dude has turned his garage into a full on replica of a first-class pan am air cabin. my grandmother used to be a PR rep for pan am and they hold a special little place in my heart. good job, dude!

friday night i hit up local club rotture to see my favorite band with two of my favorite people. the band? glass candy. they and openers, boy joy, rocked the house and i left a very happy lady. click here to check out glass candy and here to check out boy joy.

me and my cousin-in-law, alyse, at rotture

ida no and johnny jewel of glass candy

continuing on the music theme, check out this week's allez allez mix, courtesy of rev milo speedwagon. featuring people, caravan, ennio morricone, led zeppelin and more, it's pretty awesome and was a great mellow-out after glass candy!

sadly, i gave up on marc jacobs clothing years ago, his accessories remain gorgeous sources of inspiration and lust... behold the gallery of "special items" for pops of color and whimsy.

while i rarely neglect my pedicure, i've never been much of a manicure girl. lately though, i've been painting my short nails and love it! it definitely cuts down on my nail biting and finger fidgets- i wouldn't want to ruin my paint job after all. the shade i'm totally obsessing over- and am wearing as i type- is OPI for sephora's 'ocean love potion'...

i've also got a bottle of OPI for sephora in 'dark room', a green so dark it's nearly black. given my penchant for wearing seasonal opposites, i think i'll save it for next spring...

and lastly, i am in love with my new GAP mixed stripe waffle-knit tees! i have one in red/white and one in grey/black and want to go back for one in navy/white. unfortunately, the website's photos are terrible and totally off on colors available in-store but trust me, these are the cutest, coziest tees eveh!

have a lovely week everyone, i hope to be posting once more on wednesday to let you know new lovelies are up in the shop. toodleooo!

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