Tuesday, December 15, 2009

inspirations: femke hiemstra

it's been a little while, huh? i've been super busy working on projects and dealing with family stuff so i haven't had time to write in what feels like forever! i'm pretty busy the rest of the week but will try to pop in with tidbits as much as i can.

today i wanted to share the work of one of my favorite contemporary artists, femke hiemstra. femke was born in the netherlands in 1974 and currently lives in amsterdam where she scours thrift shops for found objects to create her paintings on. my husband and i were lucky enough to purchase one of her prints a few years back at the roq la rue gallery in seattle. we have been obsessed with her art ever since.

i told my husband what i love most about her work is her ability to fit so much into each piece without it feeling crowded as she mixes imagery with type, as well as her ability to create such a wonderful, dreamy mood in the background landscapes with her use of colors.


'harvester hare'


'das findling'

'the candy maker'

'death of a ghost'

'the collector'

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