Tuesday, January 26, 2010

fashion evolution: the poncho

if there's one thing i will never understand or embrace, it's the poncho. poncho's have caused great consternation in my life and it's very heartening to me that they seem to have gone the way of the fashion dodo. so imagine my surprise at seeing- and LIKING- this knit cape from puma...

but you know what's going on with that cape that never is with ponchos?? proportion. proportion is key and here we see something that accents, instead of overwhelms. i like how it has been paired with a t-shirt and jeans in the pic and i can just as easily imagine it working in the work environment over slacks and blouse or cashmere sweater just as well. it serves a purpose in adding an extra layer for warmth- oh the times i've finagled my pashmina into just such a shape!- while also providing a view of the rest of the outfit in such a way that, dare i say it, creates an elongating effect. and don't even get me started on that flattering cowl neck!

so sorry ponchos, your frumpy lumpy days are over- you have evolved!

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