Friday, May 28, 2010

this weeks inspiration: washi tape!

i'm busy, busy, busy as usual but wanted to take a second to share with you what's been inspiring me this week... washi tape!

i used three different tapes, pictured at the right, to package this order

i know, i know- this stuff has been around for a while. a little late to the game, i bought my tapes during last month's crafty wonderland colossal sale from patty of tinted mint. you can see her entire selection by clicking here. well, better late than never!

made from rice paper, washi tape is an eco-friendly tape that is awesome because it is a) adorable! and b) so easy to work with... it sticks and unsticks sort of like a post-it note, leaving no residue, ready to stick again in case you messed up the first time. i chose all red & blue tapes to fit my abt arcade brand but the stuff comes in all colors and widths with quite a few prints too. definitely check it out!

have a great labor day weekend, all! i have some fun posts planned for next week so check back soon!

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